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"Mercy" ~ Sam Baker  (2004)

1. Waves mp3
2. Truale  
3. Baseball  
4. Thursday
5. Change mp3
6. Pony mp3
7. Kitchen  
8. Iron  
9. Prelude  
10. Steel mp3
11. Angels  
12. Mercy  

Sam Baker's debut CD is a masterpiece of writing, production and performance. This classic work reveals its beauty more and more, with each subsequent play. 'Mercy' is a collection of stories of people and places made real by detail, believable because of their imperfection and memorable for their universal human experiences.

Produced by Walt Wilkins and Tim Lorsch, each song is supported and enhanced by sensitive production. The strings, the haunting steel guitar and the beautiful voices of Joy Lynn White and Jessi Colter combined with Sam Baker's spoken/sung gravelly voice make music that shimmers like an orchestra yet retains the earthiness of Baker's Texas roots.

All songs written by Sam Baker


SAM BAKER'S 2007 album "PRETTY WORLD" is available from Blue Limestone Records






















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